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Stop Doing This, If You Are a Married Woman

Married life is like going to the university without graduating with a certificate and it a life time experience.

Even though I've been married for decades now, it's important to consider my husband needs. So I need to caution my careless words, my attitudes, and action before I break his heart.

Once you're married there are things you should at all cost stop doing that can affect or ruin your marriage.

I asked some of my female friends "what should a wife stop doing if she want to improve her marriage?". The list below is based on their response

1) Stop Nagging: Nagging in marriage can totally ruin your relationship with your husband. The more you nag. the more you create toxic thought in your husband's heart.

2) stop treating your husband like a kid: A healthy marriage is base on love ,trust and respect. Your husband need you to give him a adequate respect. Even though, he behaves like a child maybe when he doesn't give cater for the house or doesn't treat you well but he still need that adequate respect.

3) Unhealthy Comparisons: in any circumstances, you should never compare your man with another man. In that way, you are ready to damage your marriage with your bare hands and you might never recover from don't try it.........Dont think of it....

4) Don't put others before your husband: God designed companionship in marriage so that a husband and wife can meet one another's need for a close, intimate human relationship. So whenever you try to put your mother, a friend or even your child before your spouse. You actually taking a step toward isolation in your marriage.

5) Don't expect your husband to be a prince charming: No perfect prince charming in the world, that only happen in your dream. Expect your husband for who he is. If you need expecting him to meet every dreamy expectations you have, you are bound to be disappointed.

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