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Opinion: 8 steps to make a rich girl like you

Love is all about choices and I have outlined the things a guy really need to make an American girl fall in love.

1: Dress very good

This rich chic's really do not care about your money , but they appreciate a guy who has a good dress code and a good shoe to go with it.

2: Talk intelligently & maturely:

Being an empty does no one good . Because this rich people has seen it all ,so do not try to impress her. Just be reasonable in every giving subject for discussion.

3: Don't try to drive her car:

Even when she demands you should drive her car don't be offensive to her just tell her no . This doesn't mean in future you will not do so but she will value your presence with it .

4: Make her happy always:

Don't try to be like a popular comedian , you will just fool yourself. Just have a good sense of humor.

5: Try to be independent:

Never ask for financial help from her .Do not even ask for contacts or connection, even when you know they have it.Be a self made man.

6: Don't ever demand for sex:

Many men will like to demand for sex but don't,if she does brush it away. Try to make her you honour her so much.

7: Be Loyal:

Don't try to double date make her understand she's the only one in your life.

8: No what she loves:

Try to know what she loves and be informed about it . Love what she loves with passion in you and you will read it later.


Falling in love is very good with some one you so much desire and make sure you will stick there rules.

Thanks for reading and if this article is educative to your love goal don't hesitate to ask questions by commenting, like and share.

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