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Things to talk about with ladies, number 9 will surely motivate you

  There are so many things to talk about in a relationship below are some of them:

1.Money: you need to talk about your financial status to a girl, you must say your budget or plans you have in your mind.

2.Your feelings: how to feel when you met her maybe the first day you set your eye on her is also part of your discussion with ladies by this she will feel taken through your speech.

3.Emotional growth: another thing to talk about with a girl is about your emotional growth age, maybe you are easily carried away by the movement of girls or you are not the type that likes romance.

4.Individual goal: you will both share your plans, say your mind, rub your mind together for easy access to yourself, you shouldn't hide anything or keep anything from her.

5.Spiritual beliefs: what you believe in, what you have an interest in, or what you will like to worship is part of what you should say with her so that she will know if she's in the right part or not.

6.Political issue: say what you think is going on in your area, government, or workplace that needs to be amended, and you both should have an interest in politics and disregard any form of political apathy.

7.Family: your background matters a lot you should say what your family is, where they were, how good they are coping, and your little experience with them.

8.Your pasts: she should what you've been through both the good part and the other way round, she should know how far you have been surviving.

9.Your dreams: Avoid any relationship that has no direction, no purpose and there is no aim for which the relationship is centered, an undefined relationship always ends in tears, avoid it in your life at all cost, three months is big enough for you to know the direction of the relationship, is she interested in you? Does she want to get married to you? Are you the type of man he wants to marry and also, is she your spec for marriage? any relationship with direction, mission, or vision is something you must avoid in you to avoid a story that touches the heart?


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