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Pregnancy period

Opinion: 4 Things A Woman Would Expect Her Man To Do For Her When She Is Pregnant

Being pregnant and giving birth is something that every woman want to experience despite the stress and pain that comes with it. It's now the sole responsibility of the man to ease her pain during her nine months of pregnancy.

In this article, I would be showing you guys some of the things which men are expected to do for their pregnant partners.

1. Satisfy Her Cravings:

When a woman is pregnant, there is a high possibility that she would start craving for stuffs that you might even find disturbing. So instead of asking irrelevant questions, just try your best to satisfy some if not all of her cravings.

2. Compliment Her Non Stop:

When a lady is pregnant, she no longer think she's beautiful like before because of the big belly and swollen legs, it's now left for her man to boost her confidence by gushing about how beautiful she looks while being pregnant.

3. Suspend Your Social Life:

This is one of the hardest thing that you can ask a man to do but if you look at it from another angle, it's worth the sacrifice because when a woman is pregnant, it's advisable she has her partner around in case of any emergency.

4. Don't React Just Listen:

When your partner is telling you what you did wrong that upset her, the best thing to do is just to listen and restrain yourself from replying or engaging in any argument with her.

How a man treats and handle his pregnant woman is a clue to what type of father the man would become when the unborn child is born.

Do you think I missed anything?

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