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Meet The Woman Who propose To Her Boyfriend(Fiction)

Yes!! You saw the headline right .

What do you think about a woman proposing?

Do you think it's right or wrong?

A woman narrated her story;

I am a young woman in my 30's ,and I have been really pressured by my family to get married.

There is this guy I have been dating for years now because I love him so much and I don't want to loose him,so I have been rejecting other men proposal because I have been waiting for my boyfriend to propose.

Unfortunately ,we have dated for years but he have not yet propose.

I thought maybe he is shy and don't know how to start a family, so I decided to take a bold step .

On a Tuesday,I went to a ring shop to get ring,and I got one of the best ring for my proposal.

I wanted to also surprise my boyfriend so I invited him for dinner so he accepted and came to the place I booked .

In front of his friends and loved one I invited,I took the bold step and proposed to him.

He said yes.

I'm so happy

We will be getting married soon.

What do you think about this

Do well to drop your comments.

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