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12 ways to build a healthy relationship with your partner

If you get carried away by the monotony of day to day, you will soon stop feeling that surprise factor at the small details of life. In addition, if you allow this to happen with your partner, they will no longer find emotion in the relationship, so it is good to get out of the routine a bit and start making promises and activities that strengthen the relationship . Therefore, today we bring you 12 wonderful ideas to enjoy with whoever will accompany you for the rest of your life.

1. Lean on each of your follies

There is nothing better than being a dreamer and thinking that everything is possible, and even more so having someone who drives you to make it come true. Those pleasant talks in which you share with that special person everything you want to achieve are the perfect time to start working for it, and allow them to fly as high as they can, because if they are convinced to change the world they will achieve it.

2. Fear? That does not exist

It is normal for them to have fears: of dogs, of heights, riding a bicycle, speaking in public, or any other situation that destabilizes some of the two and makes them feel insecure. But if your partner supports you to overcome them, this will allow the relationship to strengthen and trust in the relationship to grow even more. Do not stop seeing these little secrets to succeed in living with your partner

3. Surprise with a romantic date

Going to a restaurant to enjoy different flavors, together with a glass of wine, becomes a perfect excuse to forget for a while what is happening around you , while sharing a great moment together. Or if you prefer to give it an even more special detail, you can prepare his favorite dish, he will surely love that.

4. Travel and lose yourself in wonderful landscapes

Thinking of knowing a new place should not be synonymous with going very far. A weekend getaway to a nearby town or city is more than enough to create unforgettable experiences. And for the magic to continue, get to know a little more in the most romantic places in Lagos to get away with your partner .

5. Develop new skills

Sharing quality time learning something new will allow both of you to grow as people: Painting, dancing, playing an instrument , speaking another language are just a few options.

6. Do not let the heart grow old

Maintaining the ability to wonder like children will make every detail of life magical. Dancing in the rain, laughing until your cheeks and belly hurt, joking, making a fool of yourself without being afraid of what they will say, these are situations that will make the spark of love stronger every day. You may be interested in the reasons why getting married is a great idea even if you live together

7. A plate with its own signature

Cooking together and creating a new recipe, or putting your touch of difference will make every time they eat it it feel like true chefs and can surprise your guests. And perhaps hear from family and friends: "this dish simply describes the tastes of both." Discover the promises that every woman must make to herself before getting married .

8. Photo session

Every now and then playing role models can be fun. It is the moment when you must show your best profile, play with the camera and seduce your partner with your eyes and smile.The result? One of the best experiences saved forever in a solo album of the two.

9. Respect privacy

Not invading personal space makes the relationship healthy. Just as it is shared as a couple, it is also good to enjoy other situations with friends or even solitude, a moment that allows to find yourself and reflect.

10. Disconnect from technology (at least for a few hours)

While you are together, the most important thing is that there are no distractions, and forgetting about technological devices for a while to lose yourself in the gaze of the one you love becomes an invaluable moment.

11. Be tolerant

Everyone has a different personality, and this sometimes puts patience to the test, but if you fell in love with that person, that means that you accept both their qualities and those attitudes that can stress you a bit. And there is no greater show of love than accompanying your partner to each store until you find the shoes you saw on the Internet, because "they have to be the same."

12. Get at least one smile a day

Making the one you love happy with just a phrase or an attitude will make them continue to add many more years together.

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