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How to show kindness to your Bride on wedding night

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The husband should be extremely kind to his bride on their first night together, especially if she is a virgin. He should understand that this night marks the beginning of a totally new life for her. This may make her nervous and slow in cooperation with him. So, he should not brutally for himself on to her. If she does not appear to be fully ready on the first night, he should work on easing her emotions while waiting for the ultimate union between them one or more days later - as might be necessary.

Allah's messenger was very kind and gentle with 'Aisha (RA) on her first night with him. He gave her some milk to drink, allowed her young girlfriends to remain with her for a while, and talk to them jokingly - so as to make her feel at ease.

Asma' Bint Yazid Bin as-sakan reported that she adorned Aisha for the Prophet (pbh) and then invited him in. He came and sat next to her. He was given a large cup of milk. He drank some of it and then gave it to Aisha (RA) who shyly lowered her head. Asma' scolded her saying, "Do not reject Allah's Messenger's offer."

On a final note, every newlywed groom should learn proper how best to show kindness to their brides on wedding night. It is inhuman to brutalize your woman on wedding night or any other time.

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Aisha Allah Asma' Bint Yazid Bin as-sakan


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