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Woman Who Had Several Miscarriages For 6 Years Broke Into TEARS As She Finally Delivered A Child

Woman Who Had Several Miscarriages For 6 Years Broke Into TEARS As She Finally Delivered A Child

The pain and frustration of not being able to have a child after marriage is hard to bear by the couple. In our society, couples who are unable to make are always subjected to gossips, humiliation, and abuse.

The Bible recorded an account in the ancient days where in Genesis 30 vs 1, it stated the bitterness and jealousy of Rachel who was the inability to bear a child, was so jealous of her sister who was blessed by God with the fruit of the womb and said to her husband, Jacob: "Give me children! If not, let me die!".

Look at the above scripture, you will realize what couples pass through when the unable to bear a child and you come to understand why there are always quarrel and fights in marriages that are are unable to produce offspring.

Conceiving and delivering is a gift of God. God implanted the seed of procreation in men and fertilized women to be able to conceive from the seed of men. The mystery of conceiving and delivery is miraculous and blessings of God. This is the reason those who are able to bear children should go in their knees and thank God for his mercies and grace in their lives and marriages.

The sad story of this woman who has been childless for over six (6) years of her marriage mad has suffered many miscarriages.

But God remembers her as she remembered Sarah and Rachael in the Bible and made her conceive and bore a child successful and in good health. Glory be to God the miraculous working God.

An emotional woman-identified "Gbemisola Toluwani Gbekeloluwa" took to his Facebook to share her testimony. She testified the miraculous things God had done in her life as she welcomes her first child after six years if childlessness.

The Facebook user who was gladdened with the good news took to her various Facebook handle to congratulate her and thank God for the marvelous work he has done for her.

See how people reacted to her testimony on Facebook:

May God be praised. Happy Sunday to you all, make Good things located you in Jesus name

May everything you have lost over Jesus is recovered in Jesus' name.

Claim this prayer with faith by typing AMEN and also congratulate the woman

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