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Guys, if you want to know if a girl you love is dating only you, do these 5 things

Perhaps you’re dating someone or have found a girl you like, and now you can’t help but wonder, “Is she dating me alone”? Or, you might be thinking how to stop history from repeating itself and you are just over it.

Today article will give you a solution to your worries. However true love needs persistence. It needs two people who are willing to go the extra mile for one another.

So guys, just read to the end and then apply what you have read in real life, these 5 things below are easy to understand.

1. Check what she use to save your name

I think these should be your first thing every guy can use to know if a girl is dating only him. If the girl you truly loves isn't into other guys, she will definitely save your name well. Ladies now save guy's names with funny things like James the Electrician, Customer, the tailor, uber driver etc.

2. Notice if she now avoid serious talks

If she now run away from serious conversations, is because she no longer take you as her number one, meaning your not alone in her heart. So guys whenever this number two comes up be quick to ask her who is she seeing apart from you.

3. Watch how she introduces you.

Believe me If she's dating you alone, she will be proud to call you her boyfriend in public or to friends. However, if she doesn't want to acknowledge you publicly again, she might be using you or dating someone else.

4. Count how many times she’s not there when you need her.

Maybe you had a rough day at work or a fight with a friend. These are the times when you turn to your partner to console and support you. But alas, she’s nowhere to be found. And that’s because she actually out there with someone else any.

5. Check if she complains and compare you.

lastly, she complains and compare you of recent, is because she saw other things from her boyfriends which you clearly don't have. And this gives a wrong signal in relationships, so guys anytime she starts comparing or complaining question her immediately.

Do them and thank me later. And if your girl doesn't exhibit any of these 5 things i think you should be glad, go treat her well now.

Incase your not understanding any area please comment below, I'll be replying as soon as possible. Hope you gain a lot, if so like and share this article for more awareness, thank you.

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