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4 Ways To Help Your Partner Get Through Their Tough Times

In relationship, you don't only enjoy the achievements of your mate, you must still be there for them during their hard patches. That’s why in a relationship, two people become one. You would think that this is your problem when your partner is going through a stressful time. Since an intimate relationship lacks its sense, if only one of you is faced with tasks you can both do as a team. It’s likely to be difficult times for any human because that’s life.

Below are ways to help your partner get through their tough times.

1. Listen to them.

Listen to them when they’re not talking. Listen to them in the spaces between the lines. Listen to them for all the things they’re not saying.

2. Ask them about what they are experiencing.

Ask them about what they’re thinking about. Ask them about what’s been going on, what they’re experiencing, what are the things interesting them. Ask them what would be helpful for them.

3. Be patient and gentle.

Be patient with their answers, their uncertainties, their frustrations. Be patient with how much they disclose and how much they’re scared to show. Be patient with their abilities and inabilities. Be gentle in how you react. Be gentle in your delivery of advice. Be gentle in your voicing of opinions.

4. Empathy

Show empathy by being patient. Believe in your lover that they can handle it because everyone around them probably look down on them. I don’t do that to my lovers no matter who they are or if younger than me.

I think that’s all we can do for someone we love who needs comfort, we tell them we are here for them by listening, we show them we care by asking, and we give them the time and freedom to heal in the ways they need, either in patience and gentility.

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