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Marry a Lady who Has This Four Attributes

Marriage as we all know is once in a life time. A person cannot choose the day he is going to be given birth to neither will he chose the day he or she will die, but we all have the chance to chose who we want to marry.

Its better for a person not to get married than getting married to the wrong person. As it is sad when you get married to the wrong person the devil will leave you alone because the wrong person that you get married to is one of his own.

It is advicable to marry a lady who has this four Attributes.


Getting married to a lady that's not God fearing is like signing a death warrant if aady dies not fear God definitely it will be trouble all the way in the relationship.

A kind of wife that will make trouble at every given opportunity, a wife that can't see the good in her husband but will see if outside.

A God fearing Woman will always unite the family together, bring her children in the way if the Lord and pray out the family from strong hold.

A God fearing woman is the best gift a man can get from this world.


There is a saying which goes thus "If a lady can't control her financial then she is not good to be a wife at all.

Everyman will be joyful when he has a wife that control his finance and make good of it with tangible results at the end.

Most women to some extent are just after a man's money and that's why they agreed quickly to marry the man but when the money is no longer there it will be from one trouble to the other.

Its advisable to really check out a lasy financial control before taking her to the altar.


Everybody in life have one challenge or the other. A challenge that he or she faces everyday and have great hopes of overcoming. It could be temper, unforgiveness, masturbation, fornication and all sorts.

A woman who does not forgive is liken to be the most dangerous woman on earth based in the fact that when you start doing wrong things to her she will just store things in her mind and keeps them till the time is ripe. This kind of ladies always goes for revenge and it makes them more dangerous.


Nowadays, in a relationship some issues now believe that its the man duty to carter for all their needs when they need them forgetting that before the man came they use to take care of those needs themselves.

Its OK for a man to take care of his lady needs but when it comes to taking care of all her needs it not advisable because if a day comes that he is not able to do them then she will go out and look for someone else who will.

When we talk if support it also means the lady knowing the man's passion and dreams and giving him a helping hand to achieve them.

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