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Avoid Embarrassment: Stop Saying "You are welcome", Use These Right Words Instead

English is complex, it is dynamic, it changes inside time, as it transforms, you additionally figure out how to overhaul yourself to fit into the framework. 

Ain't you burnt out on saying "you are welcome" when somebody recognizes your great deeds? Am certain you are, but the issue is, you don't have some other method to communicate it. Well, worry no more, I have gotten a significance to keep you updated and forego "you are welcome". 

Here are some different words you can substitute "you are welcome" with: 



It's alright 

Never notice 

Happy to have made a difference 

Everything dark 


Not in the slightest degree 

My pleasure 

You got it 

It was nothing 

Not an issue 

Try also it 

No concerns 

I'm glad to help 

Glad to serve you 

Happy to be of any help 

Gracious whenever 


It's okay 

Haven't have a clue about the various methods of saying " you welcome ", I trust you will utilize them and offer it for others to get themselves taught. SHARE TO LOVED ONES.

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