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Relationship:Five Fears Every Single Guy Has Before They Commit Their Self In A Relationship.

Almost every guy has some major fear when it comes to love,dating and committed relationship. The fear of the unknown is a normal thing that everyone faces at one point or another in their lives. Especially when a big step is about to be taken,so here are five major things single guys fear before falling in love.

1. Change.

Guys fear that being in a relationship will alter their lives no matter how little,being in a relationship does change one's way of life on some grand level especially it is a committed one. The fear of this change scares the hell out of several men.

2. Financial Insecurity.

Every man wants to be able to take care of their woman financially,they want to be able to give her everything she desires and live a lavish and luxurious life together. However,not many men have the capacity to do all of these things,so they face the fear of being incapable of keeping their woman financially happy.

3. Loss Of Freedom.

Guys also fear that they won't be able to do the things they used to do when they were alone,the freedom to do as they please,go where they want to go,date as many babes as they want is no longer there's when they're in a relationship.

4. Needy Girlfriend.

A needy girlfriend is the bane of every man's existence,the fear that they might end up with one who is emotionally and financially needy,or one who is overly obsessed with attention is even too scary to consider for many guys.

5. Heartbreak.

Especially for those who have once had their hearts broken,the idea of being in a relationship will be so scary,a fear would still linger in their hearts that there might be a repeat of what happened in the previous relationship.

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