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What Is Temperament?And Which Type Do You Belong To?

Temperament is one aspect of humans that most people ignore about themselves.and due to this,we tend to judge people and grade them as Harsh or Noisy,without realizing that they can do little or nothing about it. although we all know that God created us with different personalities,temperament has been linked to certain experience we had as children that sticks to us as we could be Child abuse,loosing your parents at a young age ,and different things we experience, wether sad or happy.some research shows that temperament can not be completely changed,but it can be improved as we become mature. So what is temperament ?

Temperament is the nature of humans that affect how we behave,and can be almost impossible to we stated earlier,it can't be completely changed ,but a person can later grow and pass certain behaviours and thought we held as children, and really work on them for a better future.

The word is derived from a Latin word pronounced ,"temperare", which means to "add up" or "mix". We will be discussing the types of temperament we have,and certain behaviours and traits they possess. please help us grow.hit the FOLLOW button at the top of the page

There are four types of temperament,sanguine , melancholy, choleric, and might interest you to know that a person can have more than one of this temperament,but there will be a dominant or secondary one among the two.

SANGUINE : this temperament type is very common and can be found on Both genders.they are the most active among all temperament. sanguine are talkative and really love being noticed when they are around people(They love attention), people with this temperament type are easy to mix with because they interact with people they meet for the first time as if they had known them for long.they are funny,playful,and entertaining and trust people easily.they always loose track of Time and are somewhat forgetful,and will tell people how they feel without caring how the person sees it.some sanguine are called" super sanguine"because of how active they are.

MELANCHOLY : this type are called perfectionist, they follow due process , they don't just rush into things and are very mindful of the decisions they take. because they are afraid of making mistakes,the are organized and very punctual,and also expect people to be the same.they are private and don't talk to much,and also care very much what people think about them or what the do.

PHLEGMATIC : this temperament type is the opposite of a sanguine,and are fine when people make decisions for them.they will gladly follow what others say or do and are very slow to adapt to change,and will always resist when things change.the are really dedicated in a relationship and will always stick around,regardless of what the other partner says or do.

CHOLERIC : this temperament type are people that set goals and dreams,and will stick to them until they are achieved.this temperament type is really hard to see around,they have self confidence and will say what they feel without considering anyone.they are risk takers and are very controlling in a relationship, and they are slow in building relationships,not because they are afraid. they are slow to anger,but people see them as rude because of how precise and raw their statements is.

Our advice to people out there is.knowing the temperament type of you partner in a relationship,is really a recommended step to take.the temperament type don't really mix well with themselves,so knowing how to manage your partner temperament(in a marriage or relationship), will help you understand your partner better.please LIKE and SHARE with family and friends.and drop a COMMENT,we love feedbacks from you.

All pictures used in this Article is courtesy of Google.and for more you can visit , Google or wikipedia.thank you very much.

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