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12 Interesting Facts About Reality

Here are 12 interesting facts about our reality that might take your breath away.

1. You can stop crying and wake yourself up by moving your eyelashes.

2. In case you don't know, Pringles' aren't potato chips.

3. After the first atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima Japan (big boy, a Typhoon later came a month after it.

4. High heels which is presently a favorite fashion for women, was initially designed for men.

5. It rains real daimond on Jupiter and Saturn. Hallelujah!

6. There are some evidence that exist today that shows the FBI urged MLK (Martin Luther King Jr ) to commit suicide

7. Disney World is the second biggest buyer of explosives in the U. S

8. Staying silent can help Rebuild your brain.

9. The Brain Itself Feels no pain, in fact if you don't have a brain you won't feel any pain since the mind is the organ that interprets all our senses and feelings

10. Chocolate has been scientifically proven to make you happy, and science proves that chocolate produces the same chemical you feel when you fall in love.

11. Chameleons change their color not based on their environment but based on mood.

12. Have you ever taught of how long a traffic jam or as we say in Nigeria Go-slow can last, well there is a record of a traffic jam lasting for 12 days

13. It good to smile and laugh a lot, but sometimes when it not real it keeps increasing the pain.

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