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Why I Prefer My Girlfriend's Sister To My Girlfriend(Fiction)

I'll be telling you my story of why I prefer my girlfriend's sister to my girlfriend and what I did.

I met this girl 3 months ago which something lead to another that got us talking where we later exchange contacts.

Since I messaged her, we've been taking and getting along although I'm not interested in dating her because I feel am not ready yet.

Then after sometimes, she came up with a funny idea calling me her boyfriend although I know am not her boyfriend. I do joke with her by calling her my boyfriend also. This girl is like 5 years older than I, I just play with her calling her my girlfriend though she hasn't taken it personal.

To cut the whole super story short, she invited me over to her house. On getting to her house, I met her younger sister who is if the same age range as me though am a year older than her and interesting enough at first sight, I fell in love with her.

Then jokingly, I collected her number and since then I've been talking to her to consider me,but, she has been proving adamant because she thinks I'm her sister's boyfriend.

What do you advise I do? How can I convince her?

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