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4 Reasons why Guys are afraid to meet a girl


Most times guys always try to watch a girl's character ... monitoring her , most guys spy on the girl's the like . So as not to fall victim to wolfs that are clothed in sheep form ... a girl's attitude matters alot not only to the guy but to the neighborhood as well . Most times some girls lose there destined husbands because there character are nothing to write home about . I guess if some girl's start to exhibiting good character the scarcity of husbands won't be much again... because girl's of good character are always valued and respected.


Guy's always think that rich girls can not be pleased. And there is this believe that once a woman is richer than a man , she starts insulting him. Or turns the man into an earane boy .... But in my own point of view it is not true... it is said that love covers all.. when there is love the girl wont care if her boyfriend is poor or not all that matters to her is that she love's him..... in other words guys should always try to date rich girls, it doesn't matter ... all that matters is LOVE.


No guy on his right sense would want to date a girl who dresses indecently. It is said that the way you dress will address you. Guy's value and respect girl's that dress decently. Because the first attraction of a guy to a girl is her dressing. But if the girl dresses indecently the guy will think she is a slot and wouldn't attempt to meet her, no matter how beautiful she is, in other words the girls should DRESS DECENTLY.


In this new generation guys don't like girls that are not Educated (illiterates). If a girl is not educated it affects her. Because no guy would want an illiterate as a girlfriend. In my own point of view if girls should try as possible the can to be educated.

If I missed any point do likely to drop it in the comments section. 

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