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To All Young Couples out there, l am proud of you.

Young couples/parents, do you know how incredibly proud I am of you? Yes, all of you. 

You juggle so many things at the same time so well that it begins to look easy. 

You have your careers/businesses (sometimes both) to build. You have to be a responsible individual for yourself and to the society. You have to be kind and compassionate and polite. Some of you have religious activities to attend to. 

Then, you have to work on being a good marriage mate. And you have kid(s) to care for and raise right. Yes, you still have extended family responsibilities because you are somebody's child too. 

And you're doing it so well with joy, without breaking down. Many times, you may think you don't know what you're doing, but I see you, and you give me confidence that it may be challenging but not impossible. 

Young people change rapidly as they grow up. Many who marry when very young find that after just a few years their needs and desires, as well as those of their mate, have changed.

Despite the foregoing, you keep fighting to save your marriage. You keep seeking for means to adjust and get better for your partner. You keep seeking for ways to improve your Marital Relationships from dusk to dawn.

Despite what statistics say about Young couples, you rewrite the writings on the wall to your own beautiful version. You are amazing in your own little way.

MANY changes occur as you grow older. Physical weakness saps your vigor.your children becomes tenagers with more needs. A look in the mirror reveals new wrinkles and a gradual loss of hair color​—even of hair.Yet,you do not allow a communication gap to develop between you and your spouse. You Talk together freely. You get better by the passing of each day .

Whether you are found in a hut, in brick, in a mansion, in a flat, in one room apartment facing the other, your resolves and attitude, your commitments to your unions remain impeccable.

You might not know this facts. Nevertheless, the facts keeping for itself. From the streets of Lagos, Port Harcourt,onitsha, Aba,Kano,Jos, Ibadan ,etc. The story remains the same. You are an inspiration to many.

I wish I could do more than just admire your courage and strength. If I have more, I could have done more than just praise your efforts.

For now, I will only wish and pray that the almighty continue to strengthen you as you take steps everyday to make the best out of your martial vows .

With love and admiration, from all of us you inspire everyday.

Please join this conversation and tell us your experiences so far. Even if you are not married , we could benefits from your comments with regards to your fears and anticipations.

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Thank you.

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All Young Couples


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