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2 Wrong Things You Shouldn't Do During An Argument With Your Partner

When you're in a relationship, it is going to be almost impossible not to have a disagreement with each other. But when having the disagreement or quarrelling, here are the two things you should never do to your woman.

1. Don't Lay Hands On Her

It doesn't matter what she said or how provoked you're, the moment you lift your hands and hit the woman you claim you love, you've lost a part of yourself that's never going to come back.

Even though the tension dies down, and she eventually forgives you, she would never see you the same way she does before the whole incident.

2. Don't Exchange Words With Her

When it comes to quarrelling, most women have this one special ability and even if they're the one at fault, they would hardly accept that.

So when you notice that your woman is upset, and she's coming at you with all that anger and frustration, the best thing to do as a gentle man is to give her space.

When you say you'll engage her, she might say things out of anger that might get you upset and push you into doing things that you might regret later.

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