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How to marry your best friend.

Hello dear reader I will like to bring to you some of the things you need to know in other to marry your best friend.

It is unbelievable stories when people listen to, how some couple got married they will never admit that best friends can equally be perfect couples, so here are some of the tips that will guide you on how to marry your best friend.

Therefore for you been either a man or woman both of the party can play their rules in achieving these, let me quickly give a hint on how my uncle married his best friend, this uncle of mine lived with his best friend for a long time.

Meanwhile it happened when they both graduated from college during a wedding, which my uncle happen to be the best man, he was sitting staring at the bride thinking of when he will marry.

So as he was busy thinking the best friend of him came and said you will be the next couple, so my uncle shouted wow I guess with you, they both laugh at each other, later in the hour of the day my uncle approach his best friend, but said he must be joking as they are best friends it cannot be.

Therefore my uncle remind her of how good they are and it will be more better if they marry each other.

So to make it short they later got married but it take patience because they knew each other for a long time.

So let's not carried away with stories, for you to marry your best friend you will need to be patience an make her or him to realize how perfect both of you can be as a couple but you must be careful because things might not work as friends again rather best lover. Hope you will like and share.

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