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6 Childish Dating Habits Guys Need To Leave Behind In Order To Meet Serious Ladies

It's always disheartening to learn that some grown guys act like children when they're in a relationship. Even if some of them know what they're doing and others don't, it all boils down to being responsible and in command of one's own life. It is not necessary to enter into a relationship, especially if you are not ready.

There is no rule that states that every man who does not begin a relationship by a specific age shall be sentenced to prison or fined. A serious lady will consider you when you have fully developed and are ready to accept responsibility for your choices. Stop making women cry excessively while you go about your business as if nothing occurred; it's unjust.

These are the six (6) childlike characteristics that some men must abandon before mature women will consider them for a relationship.

1. Collecting a lady's phone number with no intention of calling - most guys do this to win a bet among their friends or to test their immature 'wooing' abilities. Why would a guy seem to be interested in a woman, get her phone number, and then erase it? This behavior must be stopped because only boys, not true men, engage in it. Leave a lady alone if you know you're not interested in her.

2. Making fake promises - Seriously, don't tell a lady you're going to marry her if you know it's not true. Don't tell a lady she means the world to you when you know she's only a small portion of your overall picture. Man up, you're being childish and inconsiderate. Stop offering a lady the moon, the sun, and the stars when you know they're all lies. It is not necessary to be in a relationship if you are aware that you will not be ready for marriage in the next five years, so wasting a lady's valuable time.

3. Men like these have a popular saying: 'Let's see how this goes.' They have no intentions for the future. Why did you start the relationship in the first place if you don't know what you want from it? Instead of making lame excuses, real guys go for what they desire and marry it. There are multiple men interested in a single lady, and you're still waiting to see how 'this' turns out. Inform her that she has no future prospects so that she can pursue a meaningful relationship.

4. Leading a lady on - males like this are always dating someone, but they want to have a back-up in case their current relationship fails. This is the most insensitive thing a man can do to a woman, because she would have turned away potential suitors before being dumped. It's pointless to hang on to someone who served as a back-up when you were a guy; instead, let her know your intentions from the start of a relationship so she knows where she stands. This pattern of dating must be broken as soon as feasible.

5. Living a fake lifestyle - It's fine to appear appealing and at ease, but be honest with yourself. Some guys are always borrowing clothes, shoes, automobiles, and even apartments in order to impress women. This is a habit that is typical of boys, not men, and should be discouraged. Allow a lady to get to know the real you, not a doppelganger. What happens if your pals decide to return whatever you've loaned them? Don't strive to impress any lady; instead, let her fall in love with you for who you really are. Making the best selection is always the best option.

6. Engaging a lady for an extended period of time - this is a very common and immature practice nowadays. You met a woman when she was 22 years old and put an engagement ring on her finger as a guy. The ring is still on her finger even though she is 26 years old. This is the behavior of a child who is unsure about his own desires. True gentlemen pursue their desires and complete them on time. When you realize there is no future with a lady, don't enter into a relationship with her.

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