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This story will teach you a lot in your relationship

There was once a couple who lived by the Hill top in a small town.

This couple dated for few months before they got married. But before they started dating the husband had just experienced heartbreak from his girlfriend few weeks before he met his wife, who helped him through his heartbreak moment. During their dating period, the girl was always giving in more than the guy, she thought he would change when they get married because she believed he had gone through a lot from his ex whom he had given almost everything he had to.

Truly he was hurt and frustrated and was finding it difficult to trust any girl.

Though he truly loved his wife but he wasn't giving her enough attention, and he didn't notice she was also being hurt because he was always concerned about himself, his feelings, emotion and past. He was always talking about how he was hurt, how he was betrayed, how much he spent on his ex., and never had time to look at his wife and remind her how beautiful she is or even take her for a date or spend a moment with her without talking about his past love life. He would always say "never trust any girl, all women are the same, women are all liars and deceivers etc.", even right in the presence of his wife. He would never find fault in what he does or say to her even when she points his attention to it, even when she explained that she's being hurt by his words. He would say "sorry but you will never understand how I feel".

It got to a time he stopped giving her attention, he was wallowing in his past pain, One day she asked the husband to give her a ride to the supermarket since he was on his way to the office, on their way she brought up the very issues about giving her attention and time but he shouted at her and out of anger she asked her husband to stop the car and he did and she went out. The husband thought she was joking or wasn't serious about taking another car, as she stood by the way side trying to stop a cab, he came out walking up to her, suddenly she was hit by a car, he ran towards her and quickly took her to the hospital, but she died on the way, getting to the hospital the Doctor confirmed her dead and as well told her husband she was few weeks pregnant..

That was how he lost his one and only true love.

The past is past, the present and the future should be your focus.

You are not what happened to you in the past. No matter how chaotic the past has been, the future is a clean, fresh, wide open slate.

Your past can't determine your future unless you allow it.

The future is waiting, but it will never fight with the past to get your attention.

Relationship is about giving attention to each other and it shouldn't be one sided.

Been hurt doesn't mean you should remain hurt.

Been hurt doesn't mean you can't love again.

Don't allow your past relationship to destroy your present relationship.

You don't know who is your true love or the perfect match..

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