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Why Omotara feels repentant: see people's reply days after to her plea.

After the social media influencer lost her job, she has taken it out now to plead and ask for forgiveness for what she did to a child.

The thing that just comes to mind though is the feeling that it may be pointless trying to make people love you again after a video of you making jest of a child showed up.

She even promised to look for the child in seek of forgiveness saying, "if I see that child now I go kneel down beg am", but that may now be too late as we all know that the chances of her ever seeing the little girl again are very grim.

I think that everyone learnt a real valuable lesson from what happened to her, no matter how far up the ladder you think you are, it only takes a second for you to come crashing down if you make a mistake.

Well we are all still watching and observing how the entire story will go but now the question that just begs to be answered is that, should she be spared of her wrong doings?

Well in my opinion, yes and no. Yes to the fact that everyone deserves a second chance and that she should be given that second chance, we are all humans and we all do crazy and out of point things when we think no one is watching, no to the fact that the deed has already been done.

Omotara should now try her best to find the girl that started everything and when she does she shouldn't just apologize but also compensate the child.

I think that is the best she can do for now, what do you think?

Do you feel like she should be given a second chance?

why not tell us in the comments.

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