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I abandoned my husband and 2 kids. The worst mistake of my life (Fiction)

I normally ask myself how could it result in these present circumstances? how could I have done what i did? my story isn't one I am glad to tell for I was only a straightforward little young girl and an alum of law. Obviously I wouldn't have graduated without the assistance of Dennis the man I later got married to. 

Dennis was a young man who's was only attempting to make a decent living. He was a driver and with his occupation, he didn't earn a lot. Indeed, even with his little profit, he still helped me a lot through my college days. Even when I turned down his marriage offer the first time, he didn't quit and he was still giving me his adoration and fondness. 

We got married 3 years after the all that. and we had 2 young girls Lyric and Ruby. Despite the fact that things were difficult monetarily, Dennis didn't surrender he always tired to make us comfortable. He did his closest to perfect to make me and my girls comfortable and happy even on his low pay. He worked day and night just to make us smile. 

A fiend of mine Grace prompted me to join the police since the enrollment was on going. I discussed with Dennis concerning the issue but he didn't appear to be excessively content with the thought since I would be setting off to another state for about a year or even more for the screening and training. He despite everything bolstered me and we began making the arrangements. 

I prepared all my fundamental records, and myself and Grace applied for the enlistment. we went for the screening and during the procedure, we were all told to pay 20,000 naira each. I was shattered were would I get 20,000 naira from? My family didn't spend up to 20,000 every month on taking care of ourselves. We were instructed to bring the cash the following week so we would be shortlisted. 

I cried my way back home and when I returned home, I told Dennis. I could see the misery all over and the tears in his eyes. He didn't utter a word and we as a whole headed to sleep. Before I hit the hay, I acquired broadcast appointment and called all the individuals I knew however none of them could loan me the money i needed they all had other problems. I took the enlistment thought off my brain in light of the fact that perhaps it wasn't my reason for living and afterward I rested. 

I proceeded with my typical life until Tuesday night. Dennis gave me 50,000 naira and advised me to rapidly take all the things I required and go to Grace's house to remain for the night so as to get ready for tomorrow's screening. I never felt such happiness Tears of euphoria moved down my face I embraced him, and I began arranging my things. my two daughters were sleeping I didn't get the opportunity to give to them farewell. I felt frustrated about that fact, and it hurt me to know that they would not be seeing their mom for about a year. I cried considerably more kissed their temples, took the things I need and afterward I left. Dennis got to me before I left the compound he embraced me, andhe said he needed to give me my present undertakings book since I wound need it for the tests. He began sobbing my heart broke once more I had never seen a full grow man cry such a great amount in my life. I embraced him and we both started sobbing uncontrollably. He demanded accompanying me to Grace's house I didn't want him to leave the children alone but he insisted.

I showed up Grace's apartment and she met Dennis they greeted and I sadly told to him my last farewell. He left plainly miserable. With all that had occurred, there was a sparkle of inspiration in me. I was not going to let my family down. I was not going to let my children to down. That prior night I rested, I made a pledge to myself to get the job and not let my family down. 

Myself and Grace passed the screening, and we made a trip to the state where the 9 months training would happen. The day preceding I left, I heard Dennis had been arrested for borrowing money and he was unable to pay. I knew it was the money that he had given me. Bitterness and outrage started to set in. I simply bowed my head in prayers and I implored everything would improve for the best soon. 

I showed up at the screening state along with Grace we did everything together. we made companions, we had a ton of fun, and above all I remembered what brought me. I did my everyday training and I aced every one of my tests. What small amount cash Dennis had, he sent me groceries I would usually call him to talk our kids. Each time I called them, I generally cry while conversing with them. I truly missed them. 

Steadily the training period started to reach a conclusion. The training official in control Christopher started to toss propels at me. I realized he didn't realize I was a hitched lady with kids supposing that they knew, I wouldn't be picked for the enrollment. I turned him down a few times however he continued coming. I revealed to him I didn't need anything to do with him since he was already married however he generally said he didn't have kids but he would love to wed me so I would do that for for him. 

We proceeded with like that for a month then I succumbed to him. I got pregnant yet I didn't have the foggiest idea. We had our passing out procession, and I returned to my family. I thought I was over Christopher for good and I wouldn't see him again I was upbeat since I deceived him that I dwelled in another state. I likewise advised Grace to give him wrong information about me so he wouldn't be able to follow me. 

My family and I continued living cheerfully we currently had enough money to take care of ourselves and I at last had money to purchase beautiful things for my young ladies... Such bliss I even added money for Dennis so he could purchase his own vehicle for his driving business. In my second month in the wake of dropping, I heard that Christopher had discovered where I was living through my records. He met me in my office I was so terrified from the start however as time went on, I started to feel OK in his essence he was old yet he was rich. He gave me love dissimilar to Dennis that was consistently out to search for our daily bread. Possibly he was intended for me since he didn't have children yet and I had taken in for him. 

Before I knew what was going on I abandoned my husband and little girls. I petitioned for a divorce, and I left the children for Dennis I did not even like to see them anymore I didn't even request for their custody. Everything occurred so rapidly. Whenever I went to the workplace I would tell my associates to tell to Dennis that I was not around. He would come along with my little girls to see me he would cry and ask to see me. He realized I was inside in light of the fact that he could see the vehicle Christopher purchased for me left outside and when he was worn out, he would leave. 

Christopher didn't take me to his fundamental house after we furtively got married. He leased a decent house for me and made me and his infant in my belly very comfortable. He began making game plans to separate from his previous spouse when I heard the news. 

Christopher was shot and he died on the spot. The incident happened while he was pursuing robbers. I was devastated, I swooned and before I woke up, everything was no more. Every one of my assets and the one that hurt me the most my child was no more. I attempted to reach Dennis yet the only information I got was that he had taken the children to the village and he was transfered to a state however nobody knew where. 

It's been 5 years now I started life once more yet this time, without my family I can't go a day without thinking about my little girls I just pray they remember me and we meet one day so I can apologize to them.

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