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If You Want Your Man To Value And Love You More Than Before, Do These 4 Things

Been in a relationship where you're loved and valued is an ultimate goal of so many people.

For some, unfaithful and unloving spouses has made it impossible to feel what love is like in a relationship.

Well, as a relationship pro, I will be teaching you all especially the ladies the few basic steps they can use in getting their man to love and value them.

Trust me, these steps are both tested and proven to be effective.

1. Always be sweet and loving to him.

I remember speaking with a lady who was feeling pained over her man's infidelity, I remember the exact words I told her.

"Men love to be cared for and loved as much as the women"

Do not leave the assignment of loving and caring for each other for him solely.

Someday he will see another lady who will show him the love and care you denied him, and trust me, he will have no other choice but to leave you.

2. Wait for some time Before returning his calls and text

A lot of women don't know this scope.

They think throwing themselves at men will make they loved, that's a bitter lie.

You should stop making yourself cheap before a man, and you shouldn't make him feel like you're highly into him.

If not, he will play on your loyalty.

When you miss his calls, wait a little while before you return them.

3. Cook Delicious meals for him

Men love it when their woman takes care of them by cooking nice meals for them.

There is a popular adage that goes thus "The way to the heart of a man, is through his stomach"

This confirms what I wrote in the first two lines, if you want your man to love and value you, then, cook nice meals for him.

4. Don't always be available for him

Don't always be available for him, and I mean every bit of it.

No man will appreciate you if you're always at his disposal.

Soon, he will get tired if you and opt for other ladies.

But, when he sees less of you, because you are always busy with work and other things, he will begin to long for your presence, thereby loving you more.

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