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3 Indirect Ways To Tell A Girl That You Are Interested In Her

You are expected as a man to walk up to the woman you love and tell her how you feel about her. But when you don't have the courage to be upfront in doing that, there are other indirect ways to pass your massages across to her and let her know that you have feelings for her.

1. Give her a pleasant smile

Smiling at her shows that you find her attractive. She may wonder why you are smiling. Of course she knows that you meant no harm.

2. Steal glance at her

If she catches you stealing glance at her a couple of times she would inevitably understand that you are interested in talking to her.

3. Show her a some act of kindness

With a little act of kindness can pass your massage to her. Girl like it when you go soft on them. She sees your little act of kindness as a sign that you have crush on her.

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