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Opinion: 4 Guidelines To Having A Godly Relationship With Your Partner

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Majority of people go into relationships nowadays to fornicate not because of marriage. This kind of relationships are not Godly and always end in regrets.

Below are four ways through which you can have a Godly relationship with your partner without sleeping with each other.

1. Have laid down rules and regulations in your relationship

Having a laid down rules and regulations has a lot to do in your relationships. It helps you to set boundaries and also highlight what you want and what you don't want in the relationship. Your rules and regulations must guard against immoralities.

2. Go into courtship instead of dating

Most people confuse courtship with dating but the two are two different terms. It's only people that are ready for marriage that goes into courtship, whereas dating is majorly carried out among those who are not yet ready for marriage.

Courtship facilitate Godly relationships, because the two families are involved and since virtually almost everybody knows about the courtship, those into it will want to guard against shame and unwanted pregnancy.

3. Always meet in open places

Always set your meetings in open places so that there won't be chance for temptation. Meeting in secluded areas or closed door meetings can make you easily prone to temptations.

4. Always support your relationship with prayers

With prayers all things are possible. Always pray against temptations and the works of the devil in your relationship.

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