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Dear Men, Don’t Waste Your Time On A Girl With These 3 Signs

Would you like to have a stress-free relationship? If yes, then there are some things you need to observe in a girl, before you get into a relationship with her, or before you keep pursuing her. There are some signs that a girl will start showing you, that should signal you to stop wasting your time on her, this is not just about whether she likes you or not, these signs are deeper than that.

The truth is, girls are very smart, they know the right things to do, to keep a guy away from them, to stop him from pursuing them, and that explains why you need to be very observant to spot some of these signs.

So, as a man, don’t waste your time on a girl that’s showing you the following three signs.

1.      She doesn’t reply your texts

When a girl is not replying your texts, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s busy or that she didn’t see the texts, most times, it’s because she’s not interested in having a conversation with you. When a girl is not interested in having a conversation with you, she won’t tell your expressly or directly, she’ll be giving you the sign, by not replying your texts, even when she’s online and active. So, when you start noticing this sign in a girl, and it’s becoming frequent, you should waste your time on her, sometimes it’s better to just let go., and find someone else.

2.      She only calls you when she needs money

You shouldn’t even need anyone to tell you not to waste your time on a girl that only calls you when she needs money, you should already know not to get into anything serious with such a girl. It’s a sign that she’s only interested in what you can offer her, in terms of financial gains, and not really interested in you as a person. If you keep pursuing a girl that’s showing you this sign, you will only be wasting your time and resources.

3.      She’s always reluctant to walk with you in public

You shouldn’t waste your time on a girl that’s not proud to be with you, a girl that’s only interested in spending time with you privately and not in public. It’ a sign that she doesn’t want people to see her with you, probably because she has someone else, she’s ashamed of you, or she just doesn’t like you that much. When you start to notice this in a girl, don’t waste your time on her.

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