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4 Dangers of Living a Lonely Life and Not Making Friends.

Living in abject isolation and quietness is one lifestyle many persons most especially introverts are fond of. Funny enough, many persons are of the opinion that living a life without friends is one of the surest ways of living a trouble-free life and a life devoid of stress and problems. Well, this might be true to an extent but not in all cases.

Psychological studies have revealed the possible dangers or problems a person might likely encounter when they choose to stay lonely or to leave in isolation. Below are some of them.

1. Your problems remain solely your problems.

One of the beauty and advantages of having friends and close associates around is the likelihood of having your personal problems and challenges shared and solved. The rationale behind this is that there is a greater chance for your friends and neighbours to assist you in meeting your financial problems, health issues and other needs. But a person without friends or people around will likely bear the burden of his problems and face his challenges alone.

2. It can amount to depression.

Loneliness can sometimes lead to depression. This can be adjusted to the fact that when a person is emotionally handicapped and needs some sort of emotional boost and encouragement from people and happens to find non, they might become depressed and start consuming hard drugs.

3. You will lack moral and emotional support and encouragement.

Quite similar to the previous point, a person who has no friends or people around is prone to emotional trauma and dejection. Having people around you in times of difficulty or challenges can help reduce the impact of the challenges, In the same vein; not having friends or people around to encourage and motivate you in your difficult times and moments can lead to a more detrimental course like sorrow.

4. People might treat matters concerning you with unseriousness.

Studies have shown that most people tend to give concern to individuals who are sociable and shows concern for other people’s matters. In other words, a person who gives attention to other people's wellbeing, are returned with the same gesture. Living in loneliness and refusing to show interest in people’s affairs is one lifestyle that might be reciprocated to you.

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