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5 Important Questions You Should Ask A Man Before You Accept Him For Marriage

Most times, some single ladies make mistakes when it comes to choosing a life partner, due to the fact that they (ladies) failed to ask the man in their lives the right questions to know more about men's views on certain issues of life and marriage. As a single lady, if "living happily ever after" is one of the experiences you wish to have in your marriage, you should not blindly marry any man without asking him some relevant and important questions before marriage.

Gone are the days when love used to be the major determinant of choosing a life partner. Time, season and things have changed from how they used to be decades ago. As a matter of fact, these days, love alone is no longer enough to make any marriage a successful one. One must be intentional about other basic things most especially the ones that deal with compatibility.

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As a single lady, in order for you not to be taken unaware by any man who is making plans to marry you, please, endeavour to ask the following basic and crucial questions;

1. Ask about his $*xual life and practises. This is very important so as to know before hand if his libido is higher than yours or on the same level. If you can't match his, it is dangerous to marry him because he may go outside your marriage to fill that void.

2. Ask about his choice of food and how he likes taking his meal. There are men out there who do not like taking food that have stayed over the night. In essence, once meal is more than a day old, they don't eat it. Marrying such a man entails you cooking fresh meal everyday.

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3. Ask about his choice for gender of children. Do you know that there are men who would want only a given gender of children? For instance, only male or female children. Such men can go to the extra length of marrying another wife to make sure they get the gender they want if you are unable to give it to them.

4. Ask about his religious belief system. Knowing his religious belief is also essential to know whether you can cope with his religious mindset or not, so that you won't be having issues in your marriage due to lack of agreement.

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5. Ask about his opinion on divorce. There are some men that support divorce and there are others who are against it. The former will not hesitate to make plans to call off your marriage when their expectations are cut short. On the other hand, no matter what, the latter will not give up on their marriage; they will fight for it to save it when things are not going smoothly. Get his opinion to know where he belongs, so that you will not take the risk of marrying a man who will divorce you in any slight mistake from you.

In fact, you should ask him about EVERYTHING important; what he can and cannot do without.

Please, if the answers to those questions are beyond you, don't bother accepting him for marriage, because you sure will regret it for good. Accepting him means, "I'm ready to play by your rules."

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