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3 Things That May Cause A Man's Private Organ To Appear Bent

A man's private organ is an important part of his body, which is used for reproduction and also used to remove waste product in form of urine. A man's private organ is meant to have a straight appearance, but there are some people that may have a bent private organ. During intimacy, a man's private organ gets filled with blood, which makes it to expand and become stiff. A bent private organ may occur, when the spaces in the private organ doesn't expand evenly.

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This article will look at 3 things, that may cause a man's private organ to appear bent. They include the following:

1. Autoimmune disorder

This can occur when the body's immune system attacks healthy cells in the body. The immune system may attack cells in the private organ, which may lead to peyronie's disease. This can lead to inflammation and scarring in the private organ.

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2. Peyronie's disease

This disease can be caused by a fibrous scar tissue, that can develop on a man's private organ. It can cause the private organ to appear bent, and it may come with pains. It may prevent you from getting intimate.

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3. Connective tissue disease

Connective tissue holds the cells of our body together. It is made up of proteins such as collagen and elastin. Diseases of connective tissue can affect the skin, muscles and blood vessels. When the disease affects the private organ, it may appear bent.

It is important that you visit a doctor, if your private organ has a bent shape when it is filled with blood. Sometimes having a bent private organ, may not mean anything serious.

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