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Lady Surprises Her Broke Boyfriend As She Sleeps On The Floor Because He Doesn't Have Bed.

Many people have always wondered if true love still exists. Many believes love only exists where money resides, and there is nothing you can say to make them believe otherwise. However, those that have had first hand experience of true love know better. And, among these lucky set of people is Tochi, a financially struggling young man. 

Tochi is a phone accessories dealer whose reality is staying in a single room apartment. Even bed is currently a luxury to him, he sleeps and wakes on the floor. Tochi was moved by his girlfriend when she decided to visit him and sleep over at his place. 

He asked her if she was going to be comfortable sleeping on the floor because he didn't have bed in his room, and she replied: "Tochi, I will sleep where you sleep, eat were you eat and live with you where you live." 

Onyinyechi truly visited and passed the night sleeping at his boyfriend's place. While Onyinyechi was sleeping, Tochi couldn't sleep. Instead, he spent the moment to tell his story and share his dream to have the best of wedding ceremony with her. 

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