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6 Ways To Tell If A Girl Is Jealous Of You Talking To Another Girl

If a girl is jealous of you talking to another girl, it means that she is interested in you. She doesn't know how to tell you that she loves you. Here are some of the ways to know if she loves you.

1. When she watches you closely around other girls. The girl will start to act strangely whenever your other female friends are around. She will watch you closely to see how you will behave around another girl. She won't be comfortable when the girl is too close to you, and she may become moody. She might feel that you are not into her.

2. Whenever you talk about another girl, she feels sad. You will immediately observe that she changes her mood, she might answer you in shorter responses or even stop talking altogether. She will feel competitive toward any girl with the potential to steal you away from her.

3. She touches you around other girls. She will go out of her way to touch you around other girls because she is afraid of losing you. The girl will hug you in front of them, and hold your hand. She wants all of them to think you are hers.

4. When she wants all of your attention. She will use any excuse to get your attention because she loves you, and doesn’t want to share you with another girl.

5. She watches you just as closely on social media. Whenever you post on your story, she will be the first person to watch your social media stories and like your posts. She wants to know if you posted a picture of a girl. She might even tell you that you saw her online, and you didn't chat with her because you were busy chatting with other girls.

6. You two might be having a great moment together, and another girl shows up. She stops talking to you and focuses on her phone.

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