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Lady Reveals Tomatoes, Onions, And Pepper She Bought For 100 Naira In North

For some days now, there is a mixed reaction accompanying the current declaration by the northerners part of Nigerian that they will no bring in good a to the south, there is no more transportation of foodstuff from north to south, west, and east part of Nigeria

After Sahara reporters disclosed that they have started again the conveyance of food items to the southeast part of the country yesterday, but another news came this morning that day rather wastes the food over there than sending it over to the part of the south.

So a lot of traders have been lamenting on how cheap things are in the north, while here in the South it's very expensive.

An Igbo lady identified as Mary Ane Adole has disclosed how cheap things are in the north, she revealed how grateful she is to have gotten something as cheap as that in the north.

In my opinion, stoppage of food items from immigrating to another part of the country aside from the north might incorporate other tribes and as well affect them too because not all tribe produce what they produce and their people can't buy and consume everything they harvest. It's vice versa, they need our money and we need their goods.

All tribes need each other, they need other tribes and other tribes need them too.

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Igbo Lady Reveals Tomatoes Mary Ane Adole North Pepper


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