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5 Bad Habits That Gradually Reduces The Love In Your Relationship

It's almost every lovers dream to have a happily ever after with the love of their life, I also believe you are not an exception. Romantic Relationships like every other thing in life is not a bed of roses, it takes love, understanding, and a whole lot of efforts from both parties who are involved to make up their minds to stand by each other through the ranging storms and make the relationship work.  

But when this is not done, or either of the partners constantly do things to drag the relationship backwards instead of forward, the relationship will frizzle out, and with time die if care is not taken. 

Hence, below are bad habit you might be exhibiting that gradually kills the love flames in your relationship; 

1. Always Lying. 

No one likes a liar or someone who is not reliable. When in a relationship and you tend to lie every now and then to your partner, this only kills the flames in your relationship rather than build it up. 

2. Keeping of Grudge. 

When you always put your partner under emotional battle everytime there is an issue, this would only make him/her start drifting apart and loosing interest in the relationship, and with time you'd see that the love flames in your relationship starts dying gradually. Hence, when you have an issue with your partner, it's best you talk thing out amicably instead of keeping grudge with them.

3. Being secretive.

When you are always hiding things from your partner, and they finding out by themselves, this would reduce the trust they have for you, and with time, you'd realize that they stop being comfortable around you. This would kill the love flames in your relationship.

4. Being a serial cheat and a flirt. 

No one likes a partner who cannot keep their stuff together and be committed to one person. This can cause a whole lot of emotional trauma for both partners. This is so wrong in all aspects, and with time the love flame of your relationship will die out. 

5. Be very stingy.

One of the key factors of a good relationship is being generous in your own little way to your partner. No one likes a person who is stingy and tightfisted. When you continue being overly stingy to your partner, this will only make them feel they are only investing in the relationship and you are just receiving. And in no time, your love will die, and there won't be much left in the relationship. 

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