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Mistakes In Communication That Can Lead To The Collapse of A Marriage

A lot of happy marriages have collapsed due to communication mistakes between both partners.

Regardless of how much couples love each other, if they keep having breakdowns in their style of communication, it will affect their marriage.

This is why couples should learn how to communicate effectively so that their marriage won't collapse unexpectedly.

Your spouse might be speaking to you, and you are not listening.

You may act as if you are listening, but you are thinking of the next thing to say to your spouse.

This means you are not listening to your partner's heart. You are only trying to be defensive.

You only want to pour out your emotions without being considerate of what your partner has to say. This style of communication is dangerous.

Don't address an important issue with your partner without first checking yourself to know where you are wrong.

Before you start complaining about something that went wrong, make sure it's not your fault before you speak. 

Otherwise, it will make you appear as though you are playing the blame game.

Whenever you want to discuss something with your spouse, even if you are angry, mind the tone of your voice.

If you use the wrong tone of voice on your spouse, it can cause a lot of trouble.

Using the wrong body language that shows you feel disgusted could be sending a bad signal to your spouse.

Make sure your body language does not show a negative reaction to your spouse. Even if you don't talk, your partner will understand what you mean.

Words are powerful. They can build someone or destroy them emotionally. Whenever you have a conversation, words that put your partner down should be avoided.

Avoid saying things about your partner when you are uncertain about it. Don't make conclusive statements about them.

You may not know what your spouse is thinking about. So don't misinterpret their silence by saying something they don't like.

Sometimes your spouse might be quiet. It doesn't mean he or she is losing interest in the relationship.

If you want to avoid misunderstandings and superfluous behaviors, try to communicate your feelings effectively with your partner.

Express yourself and don't assume that your partner should understand.

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