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3 Things You Should Not Expect A Man To Do For You

As a woman do expect your man to do everything for you? There are certain things you should not expect your man to do for you. Though expectations are good to have, when we are dealing with the opposite sex, we need to be realistic.

There are some things you should not expect your man to do. You can expect your man to call you when you are sick or take you out on a date, but don't expect him to do some things for you.

In this article, we will be revealing to you some things you shouldn't expect your man to do for you.

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1) Fight

It is good for your boyfriend to defend and protect you, but never expect him to fight for you when it comes to physical violence because he could be injured. So don't expect your man to fight for you.

2) To Give up his friends

You should not expect your man to give up his friends because you came into his life. Sure some of them are downright intolerable, but if he feels the same way about yours too, and he asked you to drop them and you would better not be then you don't expect him to do the same.

3) To always ask for your permission

You should not expect your man to ask for permission from you when he wants to do anything. You are supposed to be his partner, not his mother. If he wants to go out for a few beers after work, of course, it will be nice for him to let you know, but if he doesn't, you should not ask him series of questions about where he is going.

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