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I did this after i caught my husband cheating

Let's skip the part where I say my name and stuff.

I and my husband have been married for four years now and we have a 3 year old son.Am from a Muslim background hence my reason for always tying my hair,my husband too is a Muslim but he has never prayed or even go to mosque except during the Muslim festivals.he can be caring at times but he can also be extra,there is a lot of things that my husband does that I don't like

He drinks a lot and he stays out late most times,have talked to him about it several times but he won't listen to me,lately he has been going out late at night always coming back around 11 or 11:30 ,my husband doesn't really have a steady job he only works when there Is a job he needs to attend he has no reason whatsoever to be staying out that late..

Of course I started suspecting him of having extra Marita affairs .So I decided to go through his phone ,I checked his WhatsApp contact where I saw his sex chats with one lady like that talking about the different s*x position they've tried and the ones they've not, I was dumbfounded I couldn't even talk to him about it for weeks.

And the annoying thing is that that lady has the guts to be calling my husband late at night ,and she also knew that she was married but she didn't Care.

Earlier this week I decided to confront my husband about it,I told him that I knew he was cheating that I didn't care about that, told him to warn his girlfriend to stop calling him whenever he is at home, and they can do whatever it is they are doing outside.

I thought my husband was gonna apologize but guess what he did.He stopped talking to me at home, and he doesn't eat anymore,anytime I ask him if I should dish his food he tells me that he isn't ready,its been two weeks already he still hasn't eaten and he keeps coming home late,like he doesn't even care.

Please guys I need your help and your advice,follow this writer to know about how everything turned out,please guys what should I do?

I will read your advice in the comment section

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