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The 3 main reasons why girls rejects nice and responsible guys.

1. The main reasons why girls rejects nice and responsible guys is because they see nice and responsible guys as weakening who cannot protect them and scold them when they misbehaves, girls naturally likes guys that are a little bit harsh, those ones who can exercise their manliness and always tell them the truth on their face without considering how they will feel about it.

2. Another reasons why girls rejects nice and responsible guys and embrace the play boys is because girls likes competition, they don't want guys that will always be pestering them around, they want those play guys that barely have time for them, that is why girls are sometimes been desperate to date a play boy irrespective of the heart break. This is just natural, they can't help it.

3. Another reason is because girls sees nice and responsible guys as too quiet in every situation even when the situation is worth taking action, they always keep mute without reactions because they're fearing of how the girl will when they react to the situation, this category of guys may think that they are pleasing the girls with that, but for some girls they don't like those type of guys.

Lessons for everyone, be yourself the right type of girl or guy for you will surely come.

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