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Sex before Marriage: Christian's stance and three benefits for women.


The contemporary society have completely change the way marriage was religiously instituted. Religiously, there are contradicting views on sex before marriage by Christianity, Islamic, Judaism, Buddhism, etc. These varying view on sex before marriage are mostly shaped by the various religious teachings and beliefs of ancient religious texts(bible, Koran, etc). While some of the ancient religious texts forbid it and put stringent order to ensure it is prohibited, others may have had a liberal view on it.


For instance, Muslims and Hindus in today's society, are likely to report less cases of premarital sex than Christians, Jews, and Buddhists because of their still adherence to the stringent laws that protect the female worshippers and ensure she remains untouched until marriage, while other religion due to their liberal stance on the subject matter, cannot impose such forcefully on their members.

In the Bible, it is recorded that there were stringent laws (laws of Moses) that ensured women got married as Virgins and in cases where it is not so, such a woman would be stoned to death. Read Deuteronomy 22.


However, the new testament recorded Jesus Christ condemning such act by the Jews and Pharisees, and has since been misconstrued by now Christians that the old laws have been abolished and new life under Jesus Christ instituted. To date, there has been proliferation of Christian Churches at geometrical order while the act of sex before marriage continues in the same but higher order.

There is no doubt saying that the christian churches have failed to upheld the moral standards of marriages as earlier conceived and taught, which is mostly due to christian parents and their inability to morally teach their children on the moral benefits of sex before marriage.

In this article, we shall look at the three benefits of sex before marriage as regards to women.

1. Source of motivation to encourage young women

The joy of teaching what you know and have experienced, is often great and full of pride.

Source: dreams

For the mothers who remained sexually untouched before marriage, It can be a source of pride but more so is the moral right she possesses to pass such strength and willingness to her daughters and other women through teaching and moral instructions. It therefore becomes an overwhelming joy and catalyst to inspirational mother mentoring.

2. Free from thoughts of barrenness

A woman who is first touched at the first glance of consummating her marriage, always feels pride that she can get pregnant at any time. While that may not be the case in all issues of barrenness, it gives her less to worry that she brought it upon herself, and can easily seek for medical consultation to address her problem.

3. Gives Men better consideration for marriage

One thing very common with men is there quick attraction when they get to know a particular lady is untouched and ready for Marriage. The fact that she is still untouched, conclude for most men that she is a well cultured and trained woman capable of fitting into marriage without much concerns which is not entirely so.


However, it is the beginning of many good things in a woman's marital life as most wives are forever adorned by their husbands for such an uneasy dedication and commitment to preserve herself until marriage, a fact which is very rare in today's society.

Do you agree or Not? Have your say, your say matters.

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