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13 Things Women Want In Relationships

Well, it's hard to make generalizations across an entire gender, especially for a question that is going to depend highly on context and the individual person, but in the interest of knowledge sharing I can take a stab at this.

I think generally speaking, women are looking for:

1. A well-balanced relationship in which they are able to remain their own person while also feeling like they are on a team with their partner... and a partner who wants the same thing

2. The freedom and support to choose to have children or not

3. The freedom and support to choose to have a professional career or not

4. A partner who is loyal and honest

5. A partner who is able to put them first sometimes

6. A partner who is emotionally and financially stable and willing to contribute to the household in some way (income, child rearing, housekeeping, etc)

7. A partner they don't have to mother

8. A healthy s&x life with a partner who makes them feel beautiful and desired

9. A partner they consider a friend, who can give them advice or make them laugh

10. A partner they respect, and who respects them.

11. Compliments: Some girls dont need expensive gifts. One small compliment from you can make their day. But don't fake it they may find it out easily.

12. Space: Some introvert girls need some space. They might feel exhausted after a long talk or too much socializing. It doesn’t mean she ignores you.

13. Mental support: (Discuss and get to know what are their goals and dreams, Support them and make them belive that they are capable of doing what they wish).

I wouldn't be surprised if men also want most if not all of these things, but there you go.

Thanks for reading!!

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