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Husband and wife relationship

Be Proud Of Your Scars

I know of a couple who love each other so very much to the extent that they married each other again ceremoniously and it was a beautiful one ,they are blessed with four children, three boys and a girl, they are all grown up and the three boys are married now with kids.

Few months to the wedding of 2nd son, a huge secret ripped this beautiful family apart, leaving a huge hole in the heart of family and friends.

What happened was that the husband found out that his wife had five kids before they ever met and she never told him about it all through the years they been together, the disvastated husband claims often a times these children will come around to there home and ask to speak to his wife and even play with their children before leaving,and when he ask his wife who the boys are,she claims they are aunt's children or her extended nephews who needs her financial assistance,and then he will let it go and not a say word about again.

The secret came out during one of the wife relatives visit to there house while they where preparing for their son's wedding,and referred to the wife kids not knowing the wife has not told the husband about any of them, all hell broke loose that day and their blissful marriage was not blissful anymore,leaving the wife alone and husband deeply heart broken.

Have you have learnt one or two from this?

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