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Doctor Warns Genotype "SS", Reveals What They Need To Build A Family

Love is sweet but when problems arises, it causes one to regret falling in love with his or her partner. As inevitable it is to falling in love and build a family, it is also very important for you to be cautious of your partner's genotype.

First Doctor has taken to his Twitter account to warn people with genotype "SS" as he reveals what they truly need to know before going ahead to build a family. According to him, he said that what a genotype "SS" man and woman needs to build a family is an "AA" partner and not one that is also SS or AS.

He also implored and advised that they should think anout the kids, as he affirms that as important as love is, there are also things more important and deeper than love.

In his words, he wrote:

"A genotype "SS" man/woman really needs to build a family with an "AA" woman/man, not another "SS" or "AS". 

Love is certainly important but there are things deeper than love. Think of your kids."

This is indeed a warning to everyone who falls into this category, or has a friend or family member that does. The doctor has done well to give this piece of advice and so, it is important that it is carefully followed. May we not regret falling in love with the wrong person.

What can you say to this? Feel free to drop your opinion.

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