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Ever Since My Daughter Turned 16, This Is What I Have Been Doing To Her (Fiction)

I couldn't control myself nor my emotions after my wife passed. I waited till my daughter turned sixteen, and started doing what could be categorized as "cruelty" to her. She was like her mother, she endured the pain, but I hope she forgives me. Here is my story;

I got married to my wife when I was just 24 years old. It was a blissful marriage, and that day was the most important day in my life, it was my sweetest moment, I couldn't bring myself to believe I could marry the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

My wife was older than I was, she was 28 years old, and a nurse while I just graduated from medicine school. My lifetime dream was to get married before I go for masters, and I was glad it came true. Good for us, our marriage was blessed with a beautiful baby girl two years later.

My joy, my happiness was turned to sadness when my wife passed away in a ghastly accident, I was lost, I saw my whole world crumbled before me, my life wasn't the same again, so I determined to protect my daughter at all cost.

I waited till she turned 16, and I suspended her from going to school, I became her teacher myself. I started beating her mercilessly for nothing, and I seized her phone. I confined her in a room, and I am the only one that enters the room, I didn't allow her out, or speaks to anyone except for me alone. I started doing all these in the name of protection, but when I realized I was wrong, I have already turned my once beautiful daughter to something else.

I was wrong, I thought I was protecting her, but I was hurting her. I hope my wife forgives me.

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