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Ladies, no man will stay with you if you have these attitudes.

It's a fact that beauty isn't enough to choose a life partner. You might have been wondering about why men have not been approaching you or those that approached you later left you.

Asking yourself, Am I not beautiful enough?

It remains a fact that beauty isn't enough to choose a life partner as your attitude determines how long people stay with you.

You might be truly beautiful but do you have a good attitude?

Men will stay far away from you if they notice this attitudes about you and it's very much consistent in you because they hate it so much.

The attitudes are

1. Pride;

Men hates pride so much, especially when it's coming from someone who they want to keep for a lifetime. You thinking you are on top of the world. Feeling like no one is above you. Men cannot cope with such.

2. Disrespectful; as much as female wants to be cherished, men wants to be cherished. No man will stay with a lady who doesn't give him some due respect.

3. Arrogance; No man will stay with you if you are an arrogant woman.

4. Ungratefulness; no man will ever stay with a woman who doesn't appreciate his effort. Who thinks every he do isn't enough. Men cannot cope with such woman.

5. Nagging woman; no man will ever stay with a woman who complains too much. Complain over every little things.

6. Dirtiness; Men love to have clean and neat women. Not some kinds of women who will open their armpit and he will suffocate.

7. Laziness; men cannot cope with women who cannot work. A lady who can't do some things for his family.

If you have any of these attitudes, please try and stop it because it will always jeopardize your relationships.

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