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Primary Education


You need to read this to be a good listener everytime


Good morning friends

Here are tips on being abetter listener :

(1) Look and keep focus on the person : just like an attentive primary school school student, it is an essential part .. But don't make it awkward 

(2) Don't interrupt : no matter what comes to your mind to say, always wait for them to fully make their point before talking... Keep your mouth shut till they conclude.. 

(3)Understand : Many just hear but don't actually listen... Listen with understanding so you can get the points that are not even being said... 

(4) Determine the persons need: When you very well understand them, you can see beyond their words, which puts you in the position to help them.. 

(5)Mind and check your emotions: No matter what they say(good/bad) ,don't show anger or disappointments in them when you hear certain things... Just be easy on them so they are calm around you.. 

(6) Don't judge them : For them to talk to you, it shows a level of connection and trust... 

Judging them won't allow them talk about anything with you the next time.. 

(7) Don't assume: Ask questions about what you didn't understand (after they finish).. 

Feel free to ask me any question.. 

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Have a safe day

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