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Love Text Messages: Sweet Words To Make Him/Her Adore You With Love

Nothing is as good as the feeling of getting a love message from your spouse, boyfriend/ girlfriend and finance.

Indeed, it is fascinating when you could express your inner thought with couple of words through your finger tips.

Text messaging is a sweet element of a healthy relationship, adding more fire to the already burning furnaces. This could also help to keep your love-life flourishing and glowing.

check out 25 thrilling messages for lovers.

1. My love, having you as mine is the best thing that ever happened to me and I will always appreciate the kind of love you have shown. No words can express how much I love you.

2. No matter what, I will always feel so safe in your hands. My king, your heart is loving and your caring personality is amazing. Love you.

3. Our connection is so real and our love is so pure. There is no looking back for me because I have you in my life.

4. You keep giving me the feeling of paradise and I can't wait to see you soon my love. I just love the euphoria you give me.

5. You are my first thought when I open my eyes in the morning and your thoughts filled up my heart during the night too. Baby I love you.

6. Darling, you are my other half and I dont want to spend a moment without you. Baby, I feel so comfortable with you in my life. Thanks for the beautiful loving.

7. My love, every moment with you is heaven, unbelievable and comes with unmeasurable feeling. I love you more.

8. Thanks for being there for me always. I have never known anyone who could fill my heart with such feelings of love. Love you queen.

9. Hi king, I just wanted to let you know that I love you and it will always remain the same. Your entire being give joy to my heart.

10. See, you are the one who brought me out of loneliness with your spackling beauty and chaming attitude. I've got a girl with brain. So proud of you darling.

11. I love the way you put a smile on my face with so much love. I love you today and I love you till kingdom come.

12. You have successfully envelope me with so much care, understand and tenderness. What can I do without you? I love you so much darling.

13. I have built a home for you in my heart and there you will always live. I love you so much baby and believe me when I say I do.

14. Darling, my days goes well if I could hear the sweet voice of yours. Love you my lucky charm.

15. Sweetie, my life is blessed when I start my day with you and nothing else matters to me but you.

16. My love, you've got some much truth in your heart and I counted myself lucky to have found someone so unique.

17. You are the perfect match for me and I knew it from the beginning. I care so much about you baby.

18. It doesn't matter where you are, I always hear your heartbeat when I lay down and could see your face when I close my eyes. I am getting addicted to your love. Missing you.

19. You are the most beautiful person I ever known. The kind of person I always seek and my dreams come true.

20. My sweet, you have everything in you to be loved and to be adored. I will always give my all take you feel special. Love you.

21. Thanks you for coming into my life. I love you my beautiful wife.

22. I love you and I feel good because I have you. There are millions of people but I have chosen to always love you.

23. You are the reason for my smile and happiness. I love you so much baby.

24. No matter what happens in the future, I will always love you and adore you till the end of time.

25. If you ask me when I want to be with you, my answer will be always and forever.

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