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Don't Let Your Children Stay Idle During This Lockdown, Checkout 4 Ways You Can Engage Them

Please pay attention to this article, it will help you and your family a lot, especially during this lockdown.

Children are very special gift from God, they should be well taking care of. Parents should know that they are utterly responsible to the welfare and development of their children, if they go astray or later spoil in life, the parents are the one that are to blame. 

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Bringing up your child in a moral and disciplined manner should be a guideline to every parents. Even though you may have so many engagements, or so many things to attend to, you should not overlook your responsibilities to your children. 

In this lockdown, a lot of children are going astray, a lot of them are changing in a bad way. Due to the fact that school all over the country were closed because of Coronavirus, so many children have been staying idle. “an idle mind is a devil’s workshop”, any parents that leave their children idle this period must be prepared for its consequences.

So many children are joining cult, so many are joining bad companies, so many have learnt how to download and watch pornographic movies, so, if you don’t want your own children to experience such, kindly take a look at 5 Things you can do to keep them busy positively.

1. Learning a creative work

At their age, you should have known what they are good at. This is the period you should allow your children to develop their talent. Kindly fix them in what they like to do. For example, those that have passion for drawing should be registered into a fine artist shop. They would be going their every morning and returning every afternoon or evening, in that way, they will develop their talent and also minimise the time they stay idly. 

2. Start up a private lesson for them

If you are not comfortable with the one mentioned above, then you should start up a private tutorial classes for them. You can get a good tutor from #10,000 to #20,000 for an interval of one month. The tutorial classes will help keep your children busy, as well as help them stay engaged.

3. Take them to your workshop let them help you with some works

This one is really important, but a lot of parents tend to overlook it. Letting your children to follow you to your workshop will not only keep them busy, but it will also help them learn their parents handwork. However this method is only applicable to those parents that have their own shop. 

If you work in somebody’s office, or in a crowded place, you are not expected to take your children along with you, you should look into the no 1 and no 2 of this article listed above, and select the one that is more convenient to you.

4. Make a study timetable for them, and make sure they stick to it

Creating a study timetable for your children is very simple, but to follow it up is very hard. If you can’t do the first 3 things mentioned in this article, you have no other option but to make sure they study at home. How can you achieve that? After making the timetable, make sure that you check what they covered for the day, it will make them to be serious with their studies.

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Don’t let your children spoil because of this coronavirus. Don’t let them join bad company, or start doing bad things because of the pandemic. For you to achieve that, you must keep them busy, they must be engaged at least during the day. Know their friends and the kind of people they follow. It will be very disappointing to allow this lockdown to get the better of your children.

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