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9 Things You Should Note When You Feel Life Is Not Worth Living

The challenges of life can make one feel that all hope is lost and that success is a mirage or only made for some group of persons. When in that condition, you have two options: To continue being a failure or to give up that "I'm a failure" tag.

It doesn't matter what's your age. It doesn't matter how badly you've failed. It doesn't matter if nobody believes in you anymore. What matters is your willingness to change, the ability to turn your failures into success.

Important things you should note include:

1. You were made for a reason and your Creator still cares about you.

2. The society will still say negative stuff even when you lose or win. (Don't be afraid or get focused on what they will say).

3. Failure is to be taken seriously. I mean not too seriously to bog you down, but seriously enough to work on your weakness and move forward, this is the best thing that can happen to you.

4. It doesn't matter whether you've experienced failure at 20 or 40 years, what matters is how much you've learnt and how swiftly you bounce back and work on success.

5. Always be aware that everyday is a new day. No matter how bad the situation is, you can always overcome it.

6. Stop! Take a second and pledge to not let your failure bog you down. Pledge to move forward while keeping the old mistakes at bay.

7. Mistakes and failure are very important, they are spring boards to achieving greater successes.

8. No one will believe in you if you don't believe in yourself. Believe you're the best person to succeed, re-inforce the believe in yourself and create a plan of action.

9. The society whom have said contrary things about you will once again say " We knew you will make it".

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