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Stop Making These Excuses For Your Man

The nutritional and sweet nature of a woman is wonderful. Everyone who goes too often forgets their needs! Several women have had passionate relationships where men do not gain weight, and if you are wondering why they stay, the boys will offer you a list of clothes that have no reason to do so. time to meet his needs. Excellent, so it has a list of reasons. Can they bring you flowers please? No. So, ladies, stop with these “reasons” and ask what you need!

He can’t afford everything

It’s true that if your son paid for everything, he would quickly break it. But, don’t let them completely treat you! And that’s the key word: treatment. It doesn’t pay because you can’t, but as a gesture to do something nice! That’s the way to avoid time.

He is so busy

There is no excuse for your boyfriend to contact you all day. Circumstances clearly stretch, but, directing his normal life, going to work, etc., he has two seconds to send text messages. Even if it’s in the bathroom. If he doesn’t, it’s not because he’s busy. They are all busy. This is because you are not an advantage. I hated my partner who is a very busy coach in LA who teaches 12 singing lessons every day, I make this excuse for the boy. "Hello! Among the kids you're learning to sing within 1 minute," I would call him. Can't he do the same? "

It’s just good at communication

Women claim it's as simple as that: "She doesn't like to like bacon." But more importantly, they point out that it’s something that the boy can’t control. Never, believe in that nonsense. Everyone can be a communicator if they make an effort. Sometimes that effort goes as far as therapy, but if a man cares for you, he will make that effort instead of getting a relationship that has no relationship.

It's just ready.

Get together, move in together, get to know your family, get married and in many cases a lot of things women are willing to do in front of their partner and they will wait a long time for their partner to arrive. But be honest with yourself: if you want to be, you’re usually on the same page for those steps. Or at least close.

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